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What is it?

The Therapeutic Hemp Medical Access Act of 2015 amends the Controlled Substances Act by excluding cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabidiol­-rich plants from the definition of marijuana, therefore exempting CBD from the legal restrictions currently applied to it as a Schedule 1 substance. Although therapeutic hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) products are known anti­convulsants and have low­ THC levels, they are trapped under the same legal restrictions as marijuana. What seems like a minor change would actually be a monumental step in allowing families across the country access to life­-changing hemp oil therapies.

Why is it important?

Many states have passed legislation allowing for the use of CBD but right now their laws are in conflict with Federal law on the subject. When CBD is removed from the controlled substances act, these families will not have to relocate to access CBD legally or risk breaking the law to travel with or ship CBD to their legal states. S1333, the Therapeutic Hemp Medical Access Act of 2015, will exclude CBD and CBD­-rich plants from the definition of marijuana. By supporting this bill you will help in providing access for thousands of families who would otherwise be forced to uproot and move where they can gain access. American families should not have to be medical refugees in order to provide this life­-changing option for their loved ones!

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