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Tell Federal Gov to SPEED UP RENT RELIEF

On August 3rd, the CDC signed a new Eviction Moratorium that is in force through October 3rd.

We're more than halfway through 2021 now, and yet the rental relief funds that Congress appropriated back in December of 2020 are barely trickling out to those who desperately need them - residents and housing providers alike.

Based on the data cited in the CDC's own written order, less than 10% of the estimated households in need have actually received any rent relief.

That number is simply unacceptable!

That's why we've drafted a letter to send to our Federal Government officials (including the President and VP) to highlight the severity of the issue and to urge them to take immediate action to speed up the process of getting the funds distributed ASAP.

As housing providers, we know that rent relief is the real answer to preventing evictions due to COVID related hardships. Without the success of this relief, an extension of the moratorium is almost inevitable.

Please take just a few moments to click through and send the letter out to your legislators. CLICK HERE TO TAKE ACTION NOW

All we ask is that you create your own subject line before sending so that we don't all look the same in their inboxes. The letter itself is also editable if you want to add your own words.

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