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Supported Living Funding

Supported Living provides a nurturing environment at the lowest cost to the taxpayer. Individuals living with Supported Living services receive assistance with not only medical and mental health but financial stability and succeeding at everyday tasks. Individuals have the opportunity to discuss and actualize their goals, wants and dreams.

Being a DSP is a demanding and intense job that requires patience, heart and dedication to the individuals they serve. Through their diligence, guidance and supports individuals are able to live a fulfilled and active life: their greatest life. For example, when Turner arrived at his supported living home, his ventures into the community were limited to Walgreen’s or the McDonald’s drive thru. After the ability to live in a supported living facility, he has played Frisbee golf, attended Cat Tales zoological park as well as shop in any grocery store. In addition, he has volunteered at multiple locations and has been accepted in the Spokane School’s School to Work program, something his family never thought possible. Not only is he enjoying socializing, he is also completing tasks such as food preparation, assisting with laundry and making his own bed. All of these chores and activities never seemed imaginable prior to supported living. For more on Turner’s story, please click on the following link for a video that demonstrates the power of Supported Living: Turner's Story.

When Supported Living isn’t available, the State refers individuals to a State Operated Living Alternative (SOLA) or a Residential Rehabilitation Center (RHC) which are double or triple the average daily cost of a Supported Living setting.

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