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Opticianry is under attack in Florida.

Opticianry is under attack in Florida. Don’t allow your optician’s license to be repealed. The care and maintenance of eyesight is paramount to ensuring Floridians continue to lead healthy lives.

Professional Opticians of Florida’s lobbying team is currently working on your behalf in Tallahassee. POF is here for you, and we have made contacting your legislators as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Fill out the information below, and you will be immediately matched with your legislators.

2. You will then have access to a form letter, respectfully requesting your legislator’s support in removing all health care professions from HB707 and SB1124, the Professional Deregulation bills. In particular, asking to exempt Chapter 484, which regulates the practice of Opticianry in Florida.

You may edit the message to include your personal story, or you may submit it in its current form. Please make sure to add your own personal ‘Subject’ line.

3. Send, then share on Facebook and Twitter so others may join in ensuring the health and safety of all Floridians.

SB 1124 and HB 707 establishes a schedule for a systematic review of the costs and benefits of occupational regulatory programs. This is known as a “Sunset” review. Licensure for all professions listed in the bill is automatically repealed in the year scheduled unless the Legislature affirmatively acts to reauthorize licensure for the professions. Under these bills, licensure for Opticians will be automatically repealed on July 1, 2023, unless reenacted before then by the Legislature. We cannot wait until 2023; we must act now.

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