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Help us Stop Statewide Rent Control & Just Cause!

Rent Cap Legislation 

AB 1482 (Chiu) – Rent Caps, is now heading to the full Assembly for a vote. We need your help to stop this bill and two others. Read on...

In its current form, AB 1482 proposes an annual rent cap of 5% plus inflation (based on the Consumer Price Index, CPI). We remain concerned that there is nothing to safeguard against the 5% being lowered in the future. A pass through or exception for major capital improvements or the like, is also something the Association feels is needed to protect property owners, especially those who have been generous and have below-market rents.

Just Cause

There is other legislation that stands to harm your business. There are two bills pending that would enact statewide Just Cause Termination, meaning you would not be able to terminate a tenancy without cause. Those of you with properties in the City of San Diego know the unintended consequences of such policy. AB 1481 (Bonta) and AB 1697 (Grayson) have both cleared committee hurdles and are on the Assembly Floor.

The Southern California Rental Housing Association remains opposed to these bills and will keep members posted on future amendments and actions. In the meantime, we need your voice to be heard in the halls of government!

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