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Support Budget Amendments to Increase the Auxiliary Grant Rates

We strongly support current budget amendments proposed during the 2018 General Assembly session to increase the Auxiliary Grant rates.  The grant provides supplemental income for eligible individuals that reside in an assisted living community.  The current rates of $1,236 and $1,421 (for the Northern Virginia area) are too low and do not provide adequate funding to care for many of the complex medical needs of assisted living residents.  According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey for long term care, the median monthly assisted living costs in Virginia in 2017 is $4,507 and is expected to be about $5,226 in 2022.  The current rates must be increased to meet the rising costs of care. 


Based on recommendations from the Joint Commission on Health Care, the budget amendments below were proposed to increase the Auxiliary Grant rate effective July 1, 2019 to $1,421 plus a 15 percent for the Northern Virginia area.  These proposals would raise the rate by $50 per month the first year and by $100 per month the second year of the biennium with the understanding that the Governor’s introduced budget provided an increase in the grant rate of $35 per month beginning July 1, 2018. The proposed amendments also hold the localities harmless as they would not have to pay a percentage of the increase.



Please contact Virginia’s legislators today that serve on the money committees of the General Assembly and ask them to support the proposals to increase the Auxiliary Grant rate.


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