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The Governor’s 2 cents?

Virginia’s Natural Resources deserve at least 2%. Tell Governor Northam to double down on that pledge in his 2-year budget.

In 2017, Governor Northam pledged to more than double Virginia’s investment in its natural resources by dedicating at least 2% of general fund revenues to the environment. It’s an ambitious but common-sense goal: setting aside 2 cents on the dollar to protecting the air, land, and water Virginians rely on every day for food, for work, and for recreation.

Over the last two decades, Virginia’s budget for promoting responsible stewardship of our natural resources has fallen by 15%, the only part of state spending to decline over that period of time. Meanwhile, our state’s population continues to grow, putting more pressure on these shared resources and the state agencies that manage them. In 2018, the James River alone provided drinking water to nearly 2.7 million people and produced $21.4 million in commercial fish and shellfish landings. 

Nearly 70% of Virginia voters agree that we should dedicate more funding to environmental priorities. So let’s work together to get it done. Right now, Governor Northam is preparing Virginia’s 2021-2022 Budget, and he needs to hear from us. 

Give your 2 cents. Tell Governor Northam to keep his promise by investing 2% of general fund revenues in protecting Virginia’s natural resources.

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