James River Association Action Center

Protect Public Health, Local Jobs, and Clean Drinking Water

In these unprecedented times, the health and welfare of our communities come first. That starts with clean water, which is why we remain committed to protecting the James River. Our river provides clean drinking water to 1 out of every 3 Virginians; a refuge in uncertain and isolating times; and the livelihood of our working waterfronts and nature-based small businesses.

As individuals, we’ve adjusted our habits in the hopes of a safer tomorrow for ourselves and for others. The simple act of washing our hands with clean, running water has taken on fresh importance. So as our communities and our Commonwealth face the difficult task of protecting public health and rebuilding struggling economies in the wake of this global pandemic, let’s remember that clean water can and should be part of the solution. 

Help us remind our elected officials that water quality investments pay dividends for our communities now and in the future -- providing local jobs, leveraging federal resources, and protecting our drinking water for future generations.

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