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Restore Our Parks Act on Verge of Gaining Super-Majority

Thanks to continued advocacy from horse enthusiasts, ROPA has gained more than 280 co-sponsors since being introduced in the House in March.  Under new rules adopted by the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, any legislation gaining 290 or more co-sponsors moves automatically to a “consensus calendar,” positioning the bill for a vote on the House floor - the higher the number of co-sponsors that a bill gains, the greater the chance of an automatic vote and passage in the House.  As you recall, another horse industry priority, the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act has surpassed the 290-cosponsor threshold and is pending a vote on the House floor, possibly in late July.  Please send a letter to your House lawmaker today urging support for ROPA. By taking action, you can fill the House “consensus calendar” with the equine sector’s top priorities! 

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