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Tell Congress: Support the Nineveh Plain Protection Units

Sustainable and trusted security lies at the heart of all prospects for a future for Assyrians in Iraq, and it is a necessary precursor for the large-scale repatriation of Assyrians, effective redevelopment efforts, and fulfilling the long-term goal of the establishment of a Nineveh Plain Governorate. Four years after the liberation of the Nineveh Plain from ISIS control, security in the region remains divided among competing actors, and the fragile security situation continues to be the main factor preventing displaced Assyrians from returning home.

The 600-strong, Assyrian-led Nineveh Plain Protection Units (NPU) has facilitated the highest rates of Assyrian return to the Nineveh Plain following the ISIS takeover of the region in 2014. NPU soldiers are uniquely-motivated by their familial and cultural ties to local populations, and, for Assyrians, are the most trusted forces on the ground.

Assyrians must be directly involved in shaping the policies that will determine their future. Insofar as the individuals that form the NPU are drawn from the populations of the towns in question, they represent a crucial element in the repopulation of these towns and the building of trust in security and political frameworks.

Urge U.S. Congress to support measures to provide funding and support to the NPU as a viable and sustainable security solution for the Nineveh Plain. Send a letter to your representatives asking them to support the NPU with just a few clicks. You can help bring sustainable security to the Nineveh Plain. Do your part!

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