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Rent Control Coming to Assembly Housing Committee

On April 25, the California Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development will be holding a special hearing to hear two RENT CONTROL bills.

Two members of the committee are from San Diego. We need you to call them and let them know that Rent Control is not the answer to our housing crisis. (please scroll down for more information and talking points)

AB 36 (Bloom) is another attempt to remove the protections against overreaching Rent Control provided by the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. You will recall the industry and our association invested a great deal of time and resources to defeat a similar attempt in the last election.

AB 1482 (Chiu) seeks to implement caps on annual rent increases. While the percentage has not yet been set, we know that tenant's rights group believe that percentage should be as low as 2%.

Also, on April 24, the committee will hear AB 53 (Jones-Sawyer) which seeks to prohibit rental owners and managers from inquiring about criminal records in the initial application phase and would create a tedious and lengthy process for conducting criminal background screenings.

We need you to call these members between now and Friday, April 19 and register your opposition to these bills.

                    Assemblymember Todd Gloria: 619-645-3090

                    Assemblymember Brian Maienschein: 858-675-0077

You may also send emails using the Action Center on the right-hand side of this screen.

Below are suggested talking points:

- I respectfully request the Assemblymember vote NO on AB 36, AB 1482 and AB 53.

- Rent control discourages new development. These bills will not create any housing units.

- These bills will encourage small rental property owners like myself to exit the industry.

- Rent control is proven to reduce the quantity and quality of housing stock.

- Criminal background checks are vital to protecting tenants in rental properties and the properties themselves.

- The process proposed in AB 53 could delay move-ins for weeks, leaving units vacant and without income.

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