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Tell Your Senator to OPPOSE the Public Option

House Bill 1232, the state's public health insurance option proposal, is expected to be heard on the Senate Floor in the coming days. This bill will have a significant impact on businesses that offer employer-sponsored health insurance and we need your help to tell your state senator to OPPOSE the bill.

HB 1232 would require insurers to offer a plan directed by the state and set significant caps on premiums for those plans, which will shift costs to employer-sponsored health insurance.

The cost of health insurance continues to rise and lawmakers should work towards finding balanced solutions to address the problem. This proposal, however, would only result in a cost-shift towards employer-sponsored health care plans – which is how most Coloradans receive health care. It will directly impact health care consumers who currently have insurance outside of the public option and those with employer sponsored coverage.

Our initial estimates project a cost-shift between $830 million and $1 billion on employer-sponsored health care plans, translating into a potential loss of between 4,300 and 5,200 jobs in Colorado. It also could result in other unintended consequences, like reduced benefits or salaries for workers, reduced staffing at hospitals, and fewer private sector options – all while businesses and employees are trying to recover from the economic losses caused by COVID-19.

Will you tell your state senator to OPPOSE House Bill 1232?

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