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The Conrad 30 program has directed thousands of physicians to rural and underserved areas since 1994 and has received bipartisan support in Congress for decades. However, the program has several shortcomings which the Conrad State 30 and Physician Access Reauthorization Act (HR.2895 & S.948) seeks to address. By asking your representatives to support this bill, you are demanding equity in healthcare for those who need it the most within your community and supporting the doctors who serve your family and friends.

Are you a patient? A healthcare worker? Or someone engaged to get the best possible medical care in your community?
This is your chance to share your storyMake your voice heard.

Please ask your representatives to co-sponsor HR.2895 & S.948!

Scroll down for additional information:

1. Text of HR.2895 and S.948 

2. Letters of support from major professional organizations:

    a) American Medical Association

    b) Association of American Medical Colleges

    c) American College of Physicians

    d) American Academy of Family Physicians

    e) American Hospital Association

    f) National Rural Health Association

3. Media mentions of the impact of healthcare in rural and underserved America

    a) AMA - Want to see the economic impact of a doctor? Visit a small town.

    b) CDC - Rural Americans at higher risk of death from five leading causes

    c) Washington Post - 'Out here, it's just me': In the medical desert of rural America, one doctor for 11,000 square miles

    d) Fox News - Country Crisis: Rural Areas Lack Adequate Medical Care

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