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Support Nurse Preceptor Incentives: Pass 295 #3h/295 #2s

A clinical preceptorship is a supervised clinical experience which allows students to apply knowledge gained in the didactic portion of a program to clinical practice. In Virginia, an APRN preceptor may be a physician, physician’s assistant, or an APRN.

Proposed budget amendments (295 #3h/295 #2s) provide grant funds at VDH for practitioners who serve as otherwise uncompensated preceptors for APRN students, which will increase the number of APRN student graduates and thus increase access to care, address the primary care shortage, handle mental health crises, and manage chronic diseases. All of these factors are crucial in improving the health and wellness of all Virginians. The incentive would be available for uncompensated preceptors, including APRNs, physicians, and physicians’ assistants.

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