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Call to Action: Support Accountability & Better Government Reforms Now

San Jose faces major challenges in the coming years, such as: the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing housing costs/homelessness, and economic recovery efforts by bringing good jobs back to the city. We need a nimble, accountable government structure that can act quickly and creatively to help solve problems for our community. The public can have more confidence if we can draw accountability lines directly to our elected officials, who should be solely responsible for the city's administration and oversight, rather than unelected bureaucrats.

Now is the time for us to champion good government reforms that address the greatest crisis we have ever faced in our lifetime. After hearing directly from the community, Mayor Sam Liccardo has unveiled a good government reform measure to address these issues.

This proposed measure would:

  1. Improve Accountability – empower the people’s choice, an elected Mayor, to manage city department heads, subject to oversight/supervision from the City Council
  2. Enhance Transparency – the community can hold an elected Mayor solely responsible for the efficient management of the city, not unelected bureaucrats.
  3. Limit Special Interest Influence – Ban all lobbyist gifts to elected officials and implements a strict conflict of interest ordinance.

By making city government more transparent, simpler, and more accountable, these reforms take power away from donors and special interests – giving it to voters and residents. I hope that you will join me in promoting meaningful reforms centered around accountability, transparency, and a more efficient City Hall.

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