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Support Choptank Electric's Rural Broadband Initiative

As a member of Choptank Electric Cooperative and a resident of the Eastern Shore, I feel empowered by Choptank's vision and commitment to improving the quality of life for members.

Reliable, high-speed internet access is a priority to me and my neighbors living throughout Choptank's service area. Current regulatory restrictions prevent Choptank members from using our economies-of-scale to deliver broadband services quickly and efficiently to our homes.

I support Choptank Electric Cooperative’s effort to become a member-regulated utility. This will allow our Cooperative Board to be responsive to members on rates and to finally address our need for reliable, high-speed, internet service. This solves a local problem with a local solution provided by a trusted partner - our electric cooperative.

I encourage our state legislators, regulatory agencies, and others who care about the Eastern Shore to support this broadband initiative.

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