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Help us make the James River a priority at the 2020 General Assembly!

Governor Northam’s budget proposal includes record-breaking funding for protecting our natural resources, and would put us on the path to a healthy James River and restored Chesapeake Bay by 2025. It calls for:

$180 million for the Stormwater Local Assistance Fund to tackle polluted runoff and localized flooding in urban communities,
$120 million for wastewater treatment upgrades so that all waterways receive the same standard of protection,
$90 million for the Virginia Agricultural Cost-Share Program to help farmers install conservation practices and restore their local streams, and
$40 million for Virginia’s Land Conservation Foundation to protect farms, forests, parks, and other natural areas for future generations.

This proposal is a great start, but frankly, our farmers need more help according to the 2019 Agricultural Needs Assessment. We urge the General Assembly to include at least $100 million per year for agricultural conservation practices in the final budget.

You can help us get this proposal across the finish line by contacting your representatives and telling them you support clean water and land conservation funding. If a healthy James River is a priority for you, it should be a priority at the General Assembly!

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