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New Jersey Action Alert!

The New Jersey Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and their monopoly machine are at it again! They've managed to bully a legislator into forcing a bill, A1582, through a committee. This legislation, if it should become law, will put 10,000 practitioners out of work. BUT WAIT IT GETS WORSE: During the committee hearing, after holistic practitioners testified in opposition, the committee Chair decided to single out those practitioners that DARED to question his bill, and added their titles to the legislation as being illegal! Titles such as "nutritional therapy practitioner,” “nutritional therapy consultant,” “certified nutrition therapy practitioner,” and “master nutrition therapist."

If you live in New Jersey, fill out this action alert form and an email expressing your opposition will be sent to your Assembly member. Not in New Jersey? Post it to social media and tell all of your friends who might live there to act now! If this bill passes you can say goodbye to holistic health in New Jersey, and goodbye to 10,000+ practitioners.

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