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It's Time To Take Action

It’s Time to Take Action!

We all have a civic opportunity (what I like to call a responsibility) to advocate for ourselves (and for our businesses, association and industry) with our elected leaders. All too often in today’s political environment, advocacy has taken a back seat. Well, advocacy is NOT a spectator sport - - left up to the very few. It is no wonder that little to nothing positive gets done in Washington as a result, and we take it on the chin time and time again.

We have a responsibility to advocate for what we need, what we do not need, and create a positive environment (relationship) with our elected leaders. This is a great opportunity that we enjoy as Americans, and we must get involved - - each and every one of us!

Now is the time …. It is our time …. To MUSTER the troops, and begin the road to making a difference!

MUSTER is our portal that will connect you to your elected leaders within seconds. That brief moment in time will get your message across to Washington, and educate/inform them of what we need, what we do not need, and where they can help us to produce a profitable watermelon crop.

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