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Call to Action - Fair Access for Western MoCo

As the Fair Access Committee for the Western County has made clear, the county has for decades neglected to invest in the people and students who live or attend high school in the western part of the county. A quick look at county maps highlighting community and senior centers, clinics, wellness centers, and police satellite or substations clearly show a “services desert” exists.

Many parts of the western county are nearly 15 miles from the nearest specialists or doctors in more populated areas like Germantown or Gaithersburg.

Not only are western county residents suffering from the lack of county investment, students at the high school are too. The core building at Poolesville High School is nearing 70 years old. The school was recently assessed by a new evaluation system and rated “red” on an overall basis, the only high school in the county rated this low.

Even before this latest assessment, Poolesville was repeatedly put on the county’s modernization list only to be bumped later due to “limited funding.”

I support the proposals of the Fair Access Committee. It is time for Montgomery County leaders to treat its western county residents fairly and commit to building a new high school for our students with collocated community facilities for our residents who need and deserve them. We cannot accept any delays. The county must move forward with these projects this year.

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