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Patient Medical Debt Reduction Act

Physicians are urged to contact their Assemblymembers and Senators to urge them to oppose or amend A.3470-A/S.2521-A. There is a seriously problematic provision contained with the legislation that would prohibit a physician or other provider with any financial or contractual relationship with a hospital from separately billing a patient which could force many physicians to sell their practices and become employees of hospitals in order to receive timely and adequate payments. A single hospital and physician bill would be required instead. The impact of this prohibition will fall most adversely on physicians who are on the front lines of the pandemic, many of whom are facing an enormous drop in patient volume due to a significant amount of delayed care.

The legislation recently advanced from the Assembly Health Committee to the Codes Committee and is before the Senate Health Committee. However, the sponsors of the legislation have indicated that they intend to make this legislation a major priority for this Legislative Session. Please let your legislators know you appreciate the intent of the legislation to minimize the financial burden on our patients but that this "single bill" component will most heavily adversely impact community physicians, and ultimately result in the loss of patient choice and exacerbate health care monopolies in our health care system.

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