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Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and Bike Pittsburgh: legalize parking-protected bike lanes and pedestrian plazas

Members of the Pennsylvania State Legislature introduced legislation which would allow for parking-protected bike lanes and pedestrian plazas on state roads.

The bipartisan bills in the House and Senate, co-sponsored by Democrats and Republicans throughout the Keystone state, will amend the PA Vehicle Code so that motor vehicles do not necessarily need to park within twelve inches of a concrete curb.

Rather, the legislation would allow for motor vehicles to park next to a floating, or painted, curb, allowing for more parking-protected bike lanes, bringing the PA Vehicle Code in line with states across the country.

This legislation is especially important for cyclists in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, who have already had to put on hold or water down bike lane projects due to the existing rules.

That’s why the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and Bike Pittsburgh have combined forces to advocate for passing this legislation in 2019.

But we need your help. Join this effort by sending a message to the Pennsylvania House and Senate Transportation Committees, asking them to bring this legislation up for a vote, now.

*Note: While many legislators use standard email, some can only be contacted through their contact forms. And, in a lot of cases, they require a prefix to go through -- which is why they are required. Unfortunately, there is no standard list of prefixes that these contact forms all use. While some have multiple options, a lot do not. The limited list of prefixes you see are the only ones that are found across the board and are universal for all contact forms. If you wish to use your preferred prefix, we recommend entering it using the "first name" box.

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